Jenish Patel
Sleep Apnea Treatment Equipment

SchoolRevere High School


MentorGerald Gentz and Michael Thome


Sleep Apnea Treatment Equipment
Introducing Positive Air Pressure (PAP) machines to the outpatient pharmacy product line and educating the pharmacy staff will benefit sleep apnea patients by improving their compliance and access to the devices.
The benefits of providing PAP machines to outpatient pharmacies were evaluated through product research and interviews with physicians, respiratory therapists, sleep technicians and home healthcare respiratory therapists. Data were used to compare Cleveland Clinic Outpatient Pharmacies, Cleveland Clinic Home Care Services and Internet distributors. The 12 criteria that were used to compare the three PAP machine distributors were categorized to measure patient compliance with the therapy or product accessibility. Also, a brochure was created to educate pharmacists on sleep apnea.
Use of a PAP machine is challenging for patients, and having trained specialists available through the pharmacy can help them. The educational brochures that were created should be distributed to all Cleveland Clinic pharmacy employees. Brochures should be used for all new employee training or staff meetings with a quick discussion and demonstration of PAP machines. Have at least one PAP machine on a main campus pharmacy for employee demonstrations or for answering patient questions.


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