Jacqueline Graham
Effect of Chronic Heart Failure Clinic on Hospital Admission Rates

SchoolHawken High School


MentorPam Alessandro, BSN

DepartmentChronic Heart Failure Clinic at Marymount Hospital

Effect of Chronic Heart Failure Clinic on Hospital Admission Rates
Patients who receive outpatient education and health monitoring provided by the Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) Clinic have fewer admissions to the hospital than patients who do not attend the clinic. Also, patients who are enrolled in a CHF clinic have a decreased length of stay when they are admitted to the hospital for heart failure than patients not enrolled in a CHF clinic.
The study included a sample population of 95 active patients enrolled in Marymount Hospital's CHF clinic, and 648 Marymount Hospital patients with CHF not enrolled in the clinic. Data were gathered from hospital readmission rates of CHF clinic patients one year before their enrollment in the clinic. The data also included these patients’ hospital readmission rates in 2008-2009 after enrolling in the clinic, compared with those of patients not enrolled in the clinic. Collected data included gender, age, comorbidities, medications and number of days spent in the hospital.
Enrollment in the CHF clinic caused the number of readmissions within the sample population to decrease by 44.12%, and length of stay to decrease by 61.46% percent. The patients who have the highest hospital readmission rates are the ones who have been referred to the clinic, but who have not gone.