Chelsea Tatro
From the Patients' Perspective: Advair DISKUS or Advair HFA

SchoolNorth Royalton High School


MentorChris Schwanenberger RRT, BBA

DepartmentRespiratory Therapy at Lutheran Hospital

From the Patients' Perspective: Advair DISKUS or Advair HFA
Patients will prefer Advair HFA over Advair DISKUS because a spacer is used with it and the patient will get more of the medication inhaled, as opposed to the DISKUS in which the dry powder sticks in the mouth and throat upon inhalation. Both contain the same medications (salmeterol and fluticasone propionate) to decrease inflammation and dilate the airway.
Patients were asked to take a 10-question survey on aspects that may affect their opinion. Due to a low census of respiratory patients, only 20 were questioned.
Twelve patients preferred Advair HFA and eight preferred DISKUS. Those who preferred HFA cited texture, ease of use and efficacy. A lack of patient education came up during the questioning process and created a turning point in the project. We created a patient information booklet that would attract the reader’s attention with large text, color pictures and pertinent information.


Variegation Alveolus by Kaitlyn Kohler

Advair Diskus Animation by Jacob Francis