Ariana Prinzbach
Epidemiology of Injuries Among Adolescent Female Gymnasts

SchoolBrecksville-Broadview Heights High School


MentorPaul Saluan, MD

DepartmentOrthopaedic Surgery

Epidemiology of Injuries Among Adolescent Female Gymnasts
Ankle injuries will be the most frequently injury seen among adolescent female gymnasts training at Gymnastics World.
Orthopaedic Surgeon Paul Saluan, MD, collected medical records including clinical notes, hospital records and operative notes maintained by a single physician, Garron G. Weiker, MD, for 14 years during which he was the team doctor at Gymnastics World in Broadview Heights, OH. There were 4,311 accumulated files, dating from June 1991 to September 2005, that were reviewed. For each patient, the area of injury, type of injury and sport of the patient were recorded, as well as the gender, date of birth and status. There were 2,724 records from 414 female gymnasts.
The most frequently occurring injuries in female gymnasts were (in order) ankle, foot and knee injuries, while the least frequent were arm, chest and head/neck injuries. About 5% of the female gymnasts who incurred knee injuries required operations while only 1.39% who had ankle injuries did. Adding the components of the level of competition of the gymnast, and also the hours of exposure to training, would enhance this study, showing the relation between the severity or frequency of injuries and the intensity of training.


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