Annie Matz
Is Guided Imagery Effective in Relieving Pain?

SchoolRichmond Heights Secondary School


MentorKimberly Navratil, RN, BSN

DepartmentProgressive Coronary Care Unit at South Pointe Hospital

Is Guided Imagery Effective in Relieving Pain?
Patients will report lower pain scores after listening to a guided-imagery CD than before.
I identified 27 patients within South Pointe Hospital who were eligible to participate. Ten listened to the guided imagery CD and completed the survey. Six were willing, but did not go on to listen to the materials and therefore did not complete the survey. Eleven were uninterested or unwilling.
Ninety percent of the completed surveys show that guided imagery lowered patient pain scores by at least one point. There also was an average 2.7 decrease in participants' pain scores. The majority of the participants found guided imagery to be "somewhat helpful." Although this is not as significant a result as I would have liked, it does show that guided imagery helps reduce pain. There should be more education for patients and healthcare workers on guided imagery. Patients should be encouraged to listen to the CD more than once a day because the cumulative results are very beneficial. Guided imagery also can help patients who are nervous about upcoming procedures or have difficulty sleeping.


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