The Summer Internship Program

is an intensive, nine-week, paid internship that allows high school students the opportunity to work and learn alongside nationally renowned healthcare professionals in a wide variety of fields. Research conducted by the summer interns has inspired eXpressions™ students regionally and nationally to learn about science and to explore their passions for art, language, and math from a whole new perspective.

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Mahum Abbas

Outcomes for Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults with Eating Disorders

Peace Aminu

Comparing Physician Work Effort to the Quality of Care and Patient Satisfaction Scores

Khin-Kyemon Aung

Does the Time Post Delivery of Surfactant Administration Impact the Duration of Ventilation in Premature Infants with Respiratory Distress Syndrome?

Ken Bazydlo

Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Venous Thromboembolism

Abigail Carney

Chiari Malformation (CM) and Tethered Cord (TC): A Retrospective MRI Study

Kathleen Cawley

Physiology of Neuromuscular Fatigue in Early Stage Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy

Lisa Chiu

Impact of Point of Care Pregnancy Tests on Emergency Department/Length of Stay

NaTasha Clark

A New Strategy to Treat Neuropathic Pain in Rats

Samantha DeMarsh

Analysis of Functional Independence Measure (FIM) Scoring at Euclid Hospital

Peter DiFilippo

The Impact of Physical Therapy on Frailty, Fall Prevention and Activities of Daily Living

William Fullington

Rectal Function Assessment in Spinal Cord Injury Rats

Jacqueline Graham

Effect of Chronic Heart Failure Clinic on Hospital Admission Rates

Charles Hayes

The Patient's Lived Experience of a Blood Transfusion

Stephanie Hong

Patterns of Compliance with Case Management Follow Up after Referral

Tiffany Kaul

A Radiological Investigation: Support for a Spinal Stenosis and CSF Ventriculomegaly Relationship

Arjun Khadilkar

Safety and Efficacy of Cerebrospinal Fluid Drainage Catheters in Endovascular Thoracic Aortic Repair (EVTAR)

Karen Kruzer

Reducing Troponin Turnaround Time Through the Application of Lean/Six Sigma Processes and Evaluating Public Response Time to Heart Attack Symptoms

Michael Lukco

Does Improving Knowledge of Vitamin K Foods Increase Dietary Compliance and Improve INR Stability?

Annie Matz

Is Guided Imagery Effective in Relieving Pain?

Michael McBride

Procedural Risks of Aneurysms Less than 7 mm

Randi Michel

Pilot Study to Identify Women at High Risk for Hereditary Breast Cancer in a Community Mammography Clinic Population

Genoveffa Morway

The Social and Emotional Impact of Congenital Hand Differences on the Family

Matthew Nied

Reaction Time to Ischemic Stroke and Education Overview for the Communities Surrounding Marymount: Implications and Outcome

Alexander Nydza

Hourly Rounding Focusing on Pain Management and Patient Satisfaction

Alexander O'Dell

Impact of Staphylococcus Aureus Nasal Colonization on Outcomes Following Elective General Thoracic Surgery

Adaeze Okafor

The Role of APP Intracellular Domain in Alzheimer’s Disease

Jenish Patel

Sleep Apnea Treatment Equipment

Jennifer Perpar

Cellular Signaling in Human Heart Failure

Ariana Prinzbach

Epidemiology of Injuries Among Adolescent Female Gymnasts

Sonja Reeder

The Role of Diabetic Control in Decreasing Chronic Kidney Disease Progression

Marissa Rose

Fathers' Choice for Feeding Their Infant

Linda Saju

The Validity of "Empty Heart Syndrome" in the Pathogenesis of Neurocardiogenic Syncope

Harjoat Singh

The Oncologic Outcome of Laparoscopic Resection Malignant Liver

Chelsea Tatro

From the Patients' Perspective: Advair DISKUS or Advair HFA

Annabel Wang

An Analysis of Strokes in Pediatric Patients

Olivia Wetta

A Pilot Study: The Relationship Between a Patient's Self-Assessed Pain Tolerance, Patient Characteristics and Postoperative Pain Levels

Emily Wey

Invasive vs. Non-invasive of the Cerebrovascular Circulation: Which Modality Wins?

Emily Whitten

Closing the Gap: Ensuring Access to High Cost Medications for Cardiovascular Patients

Elissa Wolf

Effectiveness of Epidural Steroid Injections on Patients with Low Back Pain

Shengyuan Yang

Improving Hand Hygiene Compliance

Nora Yorko

Is There a Relationship Between Nurses' Uniform Color and Children's Emotions?

Lauren Zamborsky

Hand Hygiene Among Healthcare Personnel on H7-1

Steven Zhou

Effects of Lung Mechanics on Oxygen Delivery with Nasal Cannulae