Phillip Barile
Too Much of a Good Thing

AwardHonorable Mention

SchoolTrinity High School

CityGarfield Heights, Ohio

TeacherMary Anne Kovacs

InternMichael Lukco


Writer's Statement

I have always been told that I must eat a lot of vegetables every day in order to stay healthy. However, Michael's project revealed that too many vegetables could harm me. The purpose of my poem was to capture my feelings towards the information that I just learned. In the first six stanzas, I review the information from the study, using someone from the hospital as the speaker. In the last stanza, I use a patient as the speaker to portray the feeling of astonishment I had when I first heard that too many vegetables could be a bad thing.


Michael Lukco

Does Improving Knowledge of Vitamin K Foods Increase Dietary Compliance and Improve INR Stability?