Kristina Kovacs
A Green Steadiness

AwardRed Ribbon

SchoolTrinity High School

CityGarfield Heights, Ohio

TeacherMary Anne Kovacs

InternMichael Lukco


Writer's Statement

This poem is meant to be in the eyes of a patient struggling with atrial fibrillation, the fluttering of the heart. The patient fears butterflies because their fluttering reminds him of the way his own heart flutters. He feels as if he has brought the poisonous butterflies upon himself because he does not know how much vitamin K, which is found in leafy vegetables, is too much for him. As the poem progresses, the patient becomes less and less afraid of his condition, and of butterflies. I wanted to make the poem go from despair to relief.


Michael Lukco

Does Improving Knowledge of Vitamin K Foods Increase Dietary Compliance and Improve INR Stability?