Demo Solaru
The Ideal Doctor

AwardHonorable Mention

SchoolOrange High School

CityPepper Pike, Ohio

TeachersBarbara Greenberg, Kathy Frazier

InternPeace Aminu


Writer's Statement

The reason that I chose to write an acrostic for my piece is because you can fit in a lot of information and it is easy to read. Additionally, the characteristics of an ideal doctor that I used were extracted from research of the assigned topic. In order for a doctor to receive a good patient satisfaction score, a great deal of work, determination and perseverance is needed, among other positive traits. I focused on the "ideal doctor" to a patient because it is very important that doctors take good care of patients and that the care given is appreciated.


Peace Aminu

Comparing Physician Work Effort to the Quality of Care and Patient Satisfaction Scores