Allie French
Full Bloom

AwardHonorable Mention

SchoolKirtland High School

CityKirtland, Ohio

TeacherVickie Mitchell

InternRandi Michel


Writer's Statement

For my submission, I wrote a haiku. I chose a rose for the background of my haiku because life is beautiful and in full bloom. The raindrops represent the tears shed by all of the victims of cancer. The haiku in English means: You don't understand the pain and the fear until it happens to you. This is true because most things do not mean very much to people until they witness, live, and fight through the pain of that issue. Life is beautiful, and at times, too short to live. Women need to be prepared for any possibility in life.


Randi Michel

Pilot Study to Identify Women at High Risk for Hereditary Breast Cancer in a Community Mammography Clinic Population.