Shayla Wiley
Bracelet of the Spine

AwardBlue Ribbon

SchoolShaker Heights High School

CityShaker Heights, Ohio

TeacherKaren Demauro

InternWilliam Fullington


Artist's Statement

My piece is a bangle bracelet based on rectal pressure in the spinal cord and spinal injury. I etched a picture of a spine to a copper piece of metal and cut out the shape of the spinal cord. I then connected a thick wire to both sides of the piece and wrapped a thinner wire around the thicker wire. The wire is not symmetric on both sides and there are imperfections on the piece to symbolize back injury. I placed red beads on the thinner wire in order to show the flow of blood through the spine. A large red glass bead is connected to the rectal part of the spine in order to show pressure in that part of the spine.


William Fullington

Rectal Function Assessment in Spinal Cord Injury Rats