Michael Marefka
Ruthless Motion

AwardWhite Ribbon

SchoolBrecksville-Broadview Heights High School

CityBroadview Heights, Ohio

TeacherAnne Jones

InternAriana Prinzbach

MediumOil Pastel

Artist's Statement

I chose to create a piece of art based on the scientific research of Ariana Prinzbach. The title, Epidemiology of Injuries Among Adolescent Female Gymnasts, goes into depth explaining the various injuries plaguing gymnasts. Using oil paint as my medium, I was able to blend the effects of motion into a constant flowing figure. The stressed form and composition of movements are emphasized through brush strokes. The color represents the intense emotion that evolves as the gymnast comes to their final resting position. Upon completing the rotation, the adolescent female comes to an abrupt end, shattering the ankle in the process.


Ariana Prinzbach

Epidemiology of Injuries Among Adolescent Female Gymnasts