McKenzie Merriman

AwardBlue Ribbon

SchoolTrinity High School

CityGarfield Heights, Ohio

TeacherTom Giulivo

InternMichael Lukco

MediumAcrylic on Illustration Board

Artist's Statement

With this piece, I hope to show how blood clots complicate how the body works. If one understands how to properly take care of themselves through a healthy diet, clots and medication to stabilize INR can be avoided. The medicine running though the blood vessel backs up and slowly makes its way through the clot. I wanted to show how the clot interrupts a healthy blood flow. This piece is part of a series with a Language eXpressions™ submission that I also did, "SpeedBump-II."


Michael Lukco

Does Improving Knowledge of Vitamin K Foods Increase Dietary Compliance and Improve INR Stability?