Martin Krebs
Tarnishing of the Mind

AwardHonorable Mention

SchoolWestlake High School

CityWestlake, Ohio

TeacherChristine Filmer

InternAdaeze Okafor


Artist's Statement

In my piece, the main polished parts of the necklace resemble the brain. The polished, elegant curves and the points show the beauty and sharpness of a healthy human mind. The circular piece, the pieces dangling under the disc that resemble the "dendrites" of the neurons, and the copper circles that resemble the nucleus of the cells exemplify a healthy, exemplary brain cell. The chain and pieces with the chain resemble the slow tarnishing effect on the mind that Alzheimer's has. The two additional chains hanging off signify parts of the brain tarnished by Alzheimer's disease


Adaeze Okafor

The Role of APP Intracellular Domain in Alzheimer’s Disease