Luke Graber
Paused in the Bright Night

AwardHonorable Mention

SchoolWestlake High School

CityWestlake, Ohio

TeacherChristine Filmer

InternJenish Patel

MediumPastel Drawing

Artist's Statement

My project is based off of Jenish's research on sleep apnea. This surrealistic drawing shows ordinary bedroom items placed at abnormal positions to illustrate how drowsiness could affect the way someone sees and thinks. I depicted inconsistent breathing patterns with a play/ pause device that sticks out of a man's chest where his lungs are. The cord, connecting the device to his lungs, wraps itself around his neck to show that it causes choking. Because sleep apnea is a condition that affects you in your sleep, I thought this was an interesting condition to base my art off of.


Jenish Patel

Sleep Apnea Treatment Equipment