Leah Backo

AwardRed Ribbon

SchoolTrinity High School

CityGarfield Heights, Ohio

TeacherTom Giulivo

InternMichael Lukco


Artist's Statement

The project I chose to interpret involves the correct distribution of vitamin K, represented by gold cracks. There must be a balance of vegetables containing vitamin K and the drug Coumadin. The figure with the vines represents the vegetables. The figure with the snakes and wings (alluding to the Caduceus, which is a common medical symbol) represents the Coumadin. I wanted to show that a correct balance of the vegetables and Coumadin is essential so I chose to make the figures gripping their hands and leaning backward; the only thing keeping each figure from falling is the other figure's weight.


Michael Lukco

Does Improving Knowledge of Vitamin K Foods Increase Dietary Compliance and Improve INR Stability?