Laura Musser
Rockin' Blood

AwardHonorable Mention

SchoolWestlake High School

CityWestlake, Ohio

TeacherChristine Filmer

InternCharles Hayes

MediumMixed Media Sculpture

Artist's Statement

The rocking chair represents passing time when receiving a transfusion which takes several hours for one dose of blood. One arm represents the blood donor and the other represents the receiver. The metal rods that make up the seat and backing of the rocker symbolize the patient’s iron levels because many people who receive a blood transfusion are anemic. The cushion represents the blood bag and the blood that a patient is receiving. The texture is like ventricles in which blood is administered; the button on the pillow can be seen as plasma and platelets. The cushion also represents the comfort that a patient seeks when receiving a transfusion.


Charles Hayes

The Patient's Lived Experience of a Blood Transfusion