Kimberly Sutadji

AwardBlue Ribbon

SchoolOrange High School

CityPepper Pike, Ohio

TeacherMaureen Cavotta

InternJennifer Perpar

MediumAcryllic Painting

Artist's Statement

Heart failure is a condition in which a problem with the structure or function of the heart impairs its ability to supply sufficient blood flow to meet the body's needs. The warm colors contrasting to the dismal dead blood rushing out of the heart shows how serious and deadly it can be when blood isn't flowing correctly and efficiently throughout the body. The smoke pouring through the ventricles is to show the heart breaking down like a machine. The heart is painted in many vivid colors to show how intricate the heart is and that even a seemingly healthy heart can die if not taken care of.


Jennifer Perpar

Cellular Signaling in Human Heart Failure