Kate Humphrey
To Give Too Much and Receive Too Little

AwardBlue Ribbon

SchoolWestlake High School

CityWestlake, Ohio

TeacherChristine Filmer

InternCharles Hayes

Medium3-D Fibers

Artist's Statement

I created a wearable art piece that represents the body's response to blood transfusions. While undergoing a blood transfusion a person's heart rate will increase, their muscles will tighten, and their veins will throb. I expressed this in my dress by exaggerating the veins and anatomy of a body. I almost wanted my dress to seem pained and exhausted from giving and receiving blood so often, like it had been pricked by a cold medical syringe one too many times and was wary from the whole experience.

Best in Show Art


Charles Hayes

The Patient's Lived Experience of a Blood Transfusion