Kaitlyn Bartoszek
My Life in Your Hands

AwardWhite Ribbon

SchoolBrecksville-Broadview Heights High School

CityBroadview Heights, Ohio

TeacherAnne Jones

InternKhin-Kyemon Aung


Artist's Statement

My Life in Your Hands is a black-and-white painting which responds to the research of premature babies with respiratory distress syndrome. The transparent blue hands are symbolic of being sterile; the bubblelike shape around the baby symbolizes a womb which represents being protected. The look on the baby's face is harmonious and it looks as if it is sleeping. That's why the strokes of my brush, the wavy bold colors, and the relaxing colors I used represent the tranquil dream that it is in because it has the feeling of being saved.


Khin-Kyemon Aung

Does the Time Post Delivery of Surfactant Administration Impact the Duration of Ventilation in Premature Infants with Respiratory Distress Syndrome?