Grace Kelemen
Optimism in DNA

AwardBlue Ribbon

SchoolKirtland High School

CityKirtland, Ohio

TeacherClifford Novak

InternRandi Michel


Artist's Statement

The three-dimensional sculpture, Optimism in DNA, is a tangible symbol of how deeply interrelated breast cancer and genetics are. In place of a double helix a pleasantly pink strip of ribbon supports the base pairs present in the center of the model. According to research, the likelihood of inheriting breast cancer is a direct correlation to an individual's genealogy. Thus, the universal representation of hope for those with breast cancer, intertwined with DNA—the widely recognized symbol of genetics—is the central figure in the design. Family history is a confirmed catalyst of breast cancer, so the medical and emotional aspects of the disease meld seamlessly.


Randi Michel

Pilot Study to Identify Women at High Risk for Hereditary Breast Cancer in a Community Mammography Clinic Population