Eva Jackman
Laparoscopic Procedures Breathe Life into a Tattered Old Rag Doll

AwardRed Ribbon

SchoolSalem High School

CitySalem, Ohio

TeacherLisa Frederick

InternHarjoat Singh

MediumWatercolor Painting

Artist's Statement

My piece portrays a patient experiencing laparoscopic surgery for the removal of his malignant liver tumors. The rag doll represents the patient, who appears tattered and tired from the cancerous tumors’ toll on his body. His expression is relaxed and happy for he knows that surgery will be effective in eliminating the cancer. The pins in his stomach symbolize the various needles used in the surgery and their miniscule size shows that less scaring will occur. The colors represent the overall atmosphere of the surgery; the blue on the gloves is comfortable and calming, while yellow reflects hospitality and life.


Harjoat Singh

The Oncologic Outcome of Laparoscopic Resection Malignant Liver