Andrew Balazs
Just One Drop

AwardHonorable Mention

SchoolShaker Heights High School

CityShaker Heights, Ohio

TeacherKaren Demauro

InternShengyuan Yang


Artist's Statement

I chose to make a necklace illustrating hand hygiene. The topic of hand hygiene jumped out at me because of how many people take washing their hands for granted and, therefore, many diseases continue to plague the world. Two pieces were etched, one was a droplet of water and the other was a hand forming the "rock on" hand sign. The water drop was 3.5" by 3" while the hand was 1" by 1.5". Connecting the two metal pieces together was one handmade brass jump ring. The beginning of the neck band started off with handmade brass jump rings spanning about 4" then finishing up with assorted copper and black beads. The whole band was fastened by a copper connector.


Shengyuan Yang

Improving Hand Hygiene Compliance