Alyson Rua
Color Blinded

AwardWhite Ribbon

SchoolChardon High School

CityChardon, Ohio

TeacherCharles Zitko

InternNora Yorko

MediumAcryllic Painting

Artist's Statement

This piece shows a nurse holding a flower for a sleeping patient. The flowers and handprints interpret the possible patterns on a nurse’s uniform. The nurse wears yellow because it means good, representing the sun and the health it gives. The flowers are pink, meaning happiness. The blanket is blue: a relaxation color. The handprints are orange, a color of warning. There is a tension as the young patient, caught in innocent sleep, is unaware of the nurse watching him and left vulnerable, just like all humans are left vulnerable to death.


Nora Yorko

Is There a Relationship Between Nurses' Uniform Color and Children's Emotions?