Ann Marie Chaya

Efficacy of Patient Assessments by Respiratory Therapists

Ashley Choe

Multicentric Myofibromatosis 15 Years After Initial Presentation

Jennifer Collins

Knowledge and Attitudes of Human Papillomavirus in Women Over 18 Years Old Receiving the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine

Lauren Danford

A Look at Stress Reduction Outcomes Using Poetry Therapy on Geriatric Patients

Alexandria Fluellen

Surgical Skin Preparation

Lisa Gillmore

Metabolic Syndrome: A Review of Demographics, Risks, and Lifestyle Factors

Allison Griffin

Genetics of Gene Expression in Human Atrial Tissue: A Look at CIS Regulation

Sumayya Holmes

An Intervention to Improve Compliance with Viewing the Patient Safety Video in Pediatrics

Elissa Kim

Delay in Surfactant Delivery Has No Relation to the Duration of NICU Stay

Emily Lanzola

Recovery in Total Knee Replacement Surgeries - A Pilot Study

John Lewandowski

Delirium in Patients with Sepsis in the Emergency Department: A Prospective Pilot Study

Nivedhitha Meyyazhagan

The Effect of Capsule Endoscopy Radiofrequency Energy on One Implantable Defibrillation Device

Matthew Mitcheltree

Quality Improvement in Pediatric Gastric Emptying Scintigraphy

Brendan Mulcahy

High Resolution Ultrasound

Alexander O'Dell

Outcome of Patients with Esophageal Perforation

Adaeze Okafor

Fibromyalgia: Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program Treatment Outcomes, Males vs. Females

Laura Ouellette

Correlation between Patient Breast Surgery Results and Oncotyping

Connie Pho

The Development of a Cleveland Clinic SharePoint Website to Aid the Adherence of Pharmacy Regulations Necessary to Open, License, and Sustain a Practice

Preeti Rao

Reducing Family Stress: In An ICU Setting

Mohamed Ridha

A Survey of Injuries and Improper Throwing Biomechanics in Baseball Pitchers

Jenice Roberts

Fathers and Infant Feeding

Arelis Román

Are Pneumonia Patients Receiving Their Appropriate Initial Antibiotic Selection within Six Hours of Hospital Arrival?

Marissa Rose

Alternative Pain Therapies and Their Effectiveness in Previously Medicated Surgical Patients

Caroline Sawicki

Validation Study of Nursing Quality Indicator Audit

Sharon Schwam

Multimodal Treatment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: Examination of Functional Behavioral Change Using and Alternating Treatments Design

Stephanie Shafer

Cloning Out Cell Surface Receptors For Stem Cell Homing

Shrey Shah

Recanalization Rates Among Endovascularly Treated Cerebral Aneurysms

Mark Silver

The Importance of Maintaining Normothermia During Surgical Procedures

Douglas Snyder

How Does a Reduction in Animal Products Beneficially Affect Cholesterol?

Anne Song

Outcomes for Patients with Eating Disorders Using a Standardized Inpatient Protocol

David Suwondo

Delirium in Patients with Sepsis in the Emergency Department: A Prospective Pilot Study

Brittany Tatum

Develop and Administer a Competency Test for WBC and RBC Differentials

Megan Thompson

Clinical and Radiographic Significance of High Resistive Appearance of the Vertebral Artery on Carotid Duplex Ultrasound

Alexander Ulitz

Adverse Events of Emergency Department Procedural Sedation

Ernest Vallorz

The Effects of Osteogenic Protein 1 on Axonal Regeneration in a Proteoglycan Gradient

Emily Whitten

Effect of Diabetic Teaching on Patient Comprehension

Steven J. Zamborsky

Adverse Events of Emergency Department Procedural Sedation

Grace Zhou

Quantification of Carbonic Anhydrase IX (CA9) Expression in Tissue and Serum of Renal Cell Carcinoma Patients