Westlake High School

Westlake, OH


Christine Filmer

Westlake High School had six interns' research projects interpreted through eXpressions™. Click on each of the galleries to the right to see artwork inspired by that intern's research project.

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Gallery 1

Science Intern: Amy Huang

Research Project: At Rest. Or at Risk? The Truth About DVT and PE

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Gallery 2

Science Intern: Caroline Sawicki

Research Project: A Propensity Analysis of Various Vascular Closure Devices Used to Obtain Homeostasis After Cardiac Catheterization Procedures in Invasive Cardiology

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Gallery 3

Science Intern: Elise Blankenship

Research Project: Increasing Hand Washing Compliance in a Health Care Setting

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Gallery 4

Science Intern: Jason Hao

Research Project: Evaluation of serum BN-Peptide levels as a prognostic marker in patients with Acute Decompensated Heart Failure

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Gallery 5

Science Intern: Nivedhitha Meyyazhagan

Research Project: TIMI Scores in the Emergency Room

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Gallery 6

Science Intern: Soo Lee An

Research Project: Patient Satisfaction: Availability of Nurses