Monroe Central
High School

Woodsfield, OH


Julia Morris

Monroe Central High School had four interns’ research projects interpreted through eXpressions™. Click on each of the galleries to the right to see artwork inspired by that intern's research project.

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Gallery 1

Science Intern: Akash Appachi

Research Project: Accumulation of pTau in the Hippocampus as the Result of CSF Stasis after Chronic Hydrocephalus

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Gallery 2

Science Intern: Adowoa Boakye

Research Project: The Rate of Restenosis: A Cohort Study on the Causes and Rates of Coronary Artery In-Stent and In-Graft Stenosis

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Gallery 3

Science Intern: Darren Ashton

Research Project: Retrospective Review of Injuries in Professional Women’s Football

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Gallery 4

Science Intern: Daniel Duncan

Research Project: Predicting Mortality in Patients with Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock