Brecksville- Broadview Heights High School

Broadview Heights, OH


Anne Jones

Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School had eight interns' research projects interpreted through eXpressions™. Click on each of the galleries to the right to see artwork inspired by that intern's research project.

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Gallery 1

Science Intern: Anastassia Radeva

Research Project: Cofilin: A Novel Regulator of Signaling

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Gallery 2

Nursing Intern: Anne Marie O'Toole

Research Project: The Effects of Music Intervention on Patients during Epidural Block Procedures

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Gallery 3

Nursing Intern: Diamond Haynes

Research Project: Decreasing Stress and Anxiety for School-aged Children Under-going MRI Using Photo-Diary

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Gallery 4

Science Intern: Ebony Rollins

Research Project: How do Warfarin Therapy and Aspirin Therapy Compare in the Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation, Congestive Heart Failure and Stroke?

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Gallery 5

Science Intern: Ernest Vallorz

Research Project: The Zymosan Effect and The Search For Possible Inflammatory Secondary Agents

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Gallery 6

Science Intern: Laura DiScenna

Research Project: Medication Turnaround Time Using Automated Pyxis MedStation®

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Gallery 7

Science Intern: Mounika Pedagandham

Research Project: Effectiveness of Psychosocial Intervention in a Medical Oncology Setting Following Initial Cancer Diagnosis

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Gallery 8

Science Intern: Tejas Sathe

Research Project: In vitro assessment of cigarette smoke toxicity on blood-brain barrier associated cells