Trinity High School

Garfield Heights, Ohio


Linda Tyminski

Science Intern

William Jatsek

Research Project

Improved Patient Satisfaction with Post-Tracheostomy Outcomes Using a New Educational Pamphlet

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Alina Raulinaitis

eXpressions™ Award: Blue Ribbon

My artwork is a representation of a tracheostomy because, like in a tracheostomy, the neck and throat are “removed.” In a tracheostomy, since air is taken in at the base of the neck, not the mouth, it makes the throat itself almost unimportant for breathing. I illustrated this by removing the neck from my sculpture, but life still goes on. The face portrays all of the confusion, sadness and loneliness someone who experienced this surgery may feel.

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Looking Out from Inside the Tracheostomy

Brittany Vana

eXpressions™ Award: Red Ribbon

This is a design work expressing views on the tracheostomy. The viewer is inside the throat looking through the tracheostomy. The view is pleasant, giving hope that it truly does help the person.

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Brittany Nagy

eXpressions™ Award: White Ribbon

In this work I portrayed a man in three different stages. In the first stage the man seems healthy and fine. In the second stage he is holding a cigarette and his skin begins to deteriorate. And in the third stage his face is deteriorating extremely and he has a tracheostomy tube protruding from his throat.

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