Rocky River
High School

Rocky River, Ohio


Patricia Tobin

Nursing Intern

Anne Marie O'Toole

Research Project

The Effects of Music Intervention on Patients during Epidural Block Procedures

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Melodic Release

Heather Culp

eXpressions™ Award: Red Ribbon

My drawing was inspired by the research of Anne Marie O'Toole at the Clevelend Clinic. Her research was based upon music as medicine, and how a familiar or touching melody could help release someone from his or her condition. My goal was to portray this study as detailed and as relatable as possible. The girl is the focal point in the composition. Her poise demonstrates the elevating effect music has on her once restricted body. The things that once repressed her, the wheelchair and the hospital gown, are drawn without color. However, she is enlightened from the music, and her vigor is restored. The subject of the drawing is young, making her relatable to students. This allows fellow students, like myself, to comprehend the healing powers music has as a medicine.

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A Symphony for Patients

Emma Pavlik

eXpressions™ Award: Honorable Mention

The artwork I have created was inspired by the research of Anne Marie O'Toole and illustrates her topic of music as medicine. She researched the effect of musical therapy for patients with chronic and acute pain. Music that calmed seemed most effective and because the patient was calm, less medicine needed to be used. Upon my canvas, a classical piece of music has been painted to demonstrate the enjoyable, comforting experience one goes through while undergoing “musical sedation.” The actual ledger lines of the music are constructed with pill bottles and the musical notes are their caps, literally showing music and medicine going hand in hand. Not only is that apparent, but the use of pill bottles shows that medicine is not going to waste, but to a better cause.

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