North Ridgeville
High School

North Ridgeville, Ohio


Georgann Blair

Nursing Intern

Diamond Haynes

Research Project

Decreasing Stress and Anxiety for School-aged Children Undergoing MRI Using Photo-Diary Preliminary Report on Parent Satisfaction

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Look, Listen, Learn

Shannon Fraley

eXpressions™ Award: Blue Ribbon

My project showed children reading to learn about the MRI and to relieve their stress. I was inspired to do this project because it relates teaching and nursing to art, which are two studies that interest me. I am satisfied that my art portrays the messages of children reading to decrease stress and anxiety. My project was composed of mixed media. I used construction paper for the faces and book then raised some of the faces with foam board. Blue tissue paper was used for the background. The children's faces are angled toward the book as if they were reading it.

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