North Olmsted
High School

North Olmsted, OH


Daniel Pruitt

Nursing Intern

Anne Marie O'Toole

Research Project

The Effects of Music Intervention on Patients During Epidural Block Procedures

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Music Under the Microscope

Elise Bluell

eXpressions™ Award: Honorable Mention

My work interprets the topic of Music as Medicine. The magazine cutout of the human head and the pain-stricken brain represent the chronic and acute pain aspect of the research. The piano keys, the music staff, the guitar, the headphones, and the cassette tape all represent the musical aspect of the research. I used everyday items such as magazine cutouts, headphones, and a cassette tape to work in the style of Robert Rauschenberg. The title Music Under the Microscope represents the research that goes into finding new ways of treating pain and other conditions with music.

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Dealing Melodic Medicine

Cheyenne Richmond

eXpressions™ Award: Honorable Mention

My artwork is a collection of sixteen prints. There are four sets of prints repeated onto different backgrounds. I used the aspect of playing cards to symbolize that music and medicine are both in the same deck. The suits of the cards are eighth notes, and the face of each card is a pill. The colors on each print blend together in the middle to show that music and medicine can be blended into one topic. My artwork illustrates how music and medicine intertwine to make gloomy situations a bit more colorful.

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