Lake Ridge Academy

North Ridgeville, Ohio


Ann Bort

Science Intern

Tejas Sathe

Research Project

In vitro Assessment of Cigarette Smoke Toxicity on Blood-Brain Barrier (BBB) Associated Cells

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Eden Corlett

eXpressions™ Award: Blue Ribbon

When someone smokes, almost everything in their body is damaged. One of these things is the blood-brain barrier. When someone smokes, the cells in the barrier start deteriorating. It has been proven that taking vitamin E helps protect the cells in the barrier. The skull on the black-and-white side represents the brain, while smoking and the butterfly landing on the skull represent the vitamin E landing on the brain and making it better. The keys on the hook represent the fact that vitamin E is the key to better protecting the cells in the bloodbrain barrier while smoking.

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Blackened Idea

John Hyland

eXpressions™ Award: Red Ribbon

The red wire bursting from the skull represents the spinal cord that supports the light bulb, which represents the brain, and serves as a base for the blood-brain barrier, which is the twisting wire that encases the lightbulb. The E's placed throughout the blood-brain barrier represent the vitamin E that protects the barrier from damage. The bladed cigarette shows the effect of smoking on the blood-brain barrier and how the absence of E's leaves the bloodbrain barrier susceptible to damage.

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Charly Culberson

eXpressions™ Award: White Ribbon

The Hangbrain creation was motivated by the effects of smoking on the blood-brain barrier, and the results of vitamin E. The tightening of the noose knot represents the deterioration of the cells protecting the brain every time someone smokes. The hanging brain symbolizes the fact that the brain is a condemned brain when it’s unprotected. As the cells protecting the brain weaken, the brain is more exposed to danger. Scientists have found that vitamin E can help the brain stay healthy by protecting the cells around it.

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Mouse Trap

Nicholas Marinik

eXpressions™ Award: Honorable Mention

For my piece, the background is the bad part about smoking. The pop-outs symbolize your brain without smoke. You’re happier, more fun, and creative without smoking. The background just says that smoking’s bad, and it is supposed to discourage you from smoking by making you think it’s gross. It’s an unnecessary action that is bad for you and may cause death.

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