Glenville High School

Cleveland, Ohio


Jayne Sylvester

Nursing Intern

Anne Marie O'Toole

Research Project

The Effects of Music Intervention on Patients during Epidural Block Procedures

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Samyetta Johnson

eXpressions™ Award: Honorable Mention

I decided to base my artwork on a Lichtenstein painting. We have been studying Lichtenstein in art class. The woman's expression shifts from right to left — from pain to relaxation as she becomes aware of the healing power of the music.

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Quiet My Mind

Aaron Krone

eXpressions™ Award: Honorable Mention

The child in the painting is mesmerized by the “fish” swimming by. The fish are in the form of musical instruments. She is envisioning herself in a faraway fantasy place...taken there by the music. Painful hospital procedures may be taking place, but the child is in another world of peace and tranquility.

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Pain Decrescendo

Tasharrah Honey

eXpressions™ Award: Honorable Mention

This child is experiencing something in the hospital to cause her fear and pain (represented by the storm clouds). Notice how as the music enters the sky...the rainbow emerges.

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