Orange High School

Pepper Pike, OH


Maureen Cavotta

Health Presenter

Michelle M. Marks, D.O., F.A.A.P., Department of Pediatric Hospital Medicine, Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital

Health Theme


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The Gift

Chelsea Kest

eXpressions™ Award: Blue Ribbon

Expressing the importance of organ donation can be difficult, but is important to be recognized. Organ donation of any kind is a tremendous act of selflessness. When a person loses his life and donates his organs, they can save many peoples' lives. One's loss is another's gain is represented by the woman in mourning whose loved one is saving lives. My goal is to catch my viewers' attention and have at least one person walk away from my artwork with feelings and thoughts.

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Chelsea Stickley

eXpressions™ Award: Honorable Mention

When I think of osteoporosis, I think of menopausal women with hip problems. When someone is plagued with this disease, the bones become brittle and the holes in the bone become enlarged. The mosaic pieces on the hips represent the bone loss which leads to osteoporosis.

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Clostridium Tetani

Yang Yang

eXpressions™ Award: Honorable Mention

My painting compares a healthy foot and one that is being infected by clostridium tetani. Clostridium tetani is a bacterium found in nature as spores in soil. These tetanus spores found a chance to invade the foot when it got cut by a rusty nail. They eventually bind to the peripheral nerve terminal and travel to the central nerve system. They then release toxins to block the release of inhibitory neurotransmitters. Thus, nervous impulses cannot be checked by normal inhibitory mechanisms, and this causes muscle spasms. Treating cuts and wounds efficiently and immediately is very important.

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