Wooster High School

Wooster, OH


Lisa Wiles

Science Intern

Katherine Helmuth

Research Project

A Sector-Integration Method for Calculating Electron Cutout Factors

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Radiation Therapy

Justin Playl

eXpressions™ Award: Blue Ribbon

I started with the idea of selectively radiating cancerous areas by cutting tumor-shaped holes in a radiation shield, represented by an umbrella. Under it, I showed the tumor. I thought of cells as people with no personality, content to follow the crowd. Cancer cells, then, are cells with an ego who break away from the crowd. I drew crosshairs over the tumor, showing that the treatment is focusing on it. The crosshairs have 16 radii, the optimal number of radii that should be used to determine the area of the hole in the shield.

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Thomas Joseph Kilcourse, Jr.

eXpressions™ Award: Red Ribbon

The black, green, and purple muck at the bottom symbolizes the cancerous cells taking over your body, and the light represents the cure. The person in the middle is shown without skin to symbolize that it is an inner struggle.

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