Lake Ridge Academy

North Ridgeville, OH


Ann Bort

Science Intern

Rubina Ratnaparkhi

Research Project

The Effectiveness of Physician Alert Forms for DVT Prophylaxis

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Masterpiece 1

Nicholas Marinik

eXpressions™ Award: Blue Ribbon

There was one thing that came to mind when I thought of deep veined thrombosis. That was a blood clot. My creation is the toy you play with when you're a little wee bit. It's a cup on a stick and you tie a string to the cup and a ball. Then you swing the ball into the cup. Obviously when the ball is in the cup it's full. So the vein is the stick and cup, and the ball is the blood clot.

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The Living Tree

Mercedes Ulaszewski

eXpressions™ Award: Red Ribbon

"The Living Tree" is a piece that symbolizes the blockage of the blood in the appendages of a person with deep veined thrombosis. The wire represents the veins in the appendage and the stones the blood flowing through. The drift wood is the appendage of the person. This piece was made with wire, stones, and carved drift wood.

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Leaf of Life

Kendall Szulewski-Francis

eXpressions™ Award: White Ribbon

My inspiration for this piece came from the disease known as Deep Vein Thrombosis. The way that this leaf symbolizes Deep Vein Thrombosis is that the leaf itself represents life. The red bugs represent something that is threatening the leaf and its survival; In Deep Vein Thrombosis they represent the blood clot. It is made out of white glazed clay.

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Manmade Heartbeat

Yaneli Lara-Arredondo

eXpressions™ Award: Honorable Mention

I was inspired by the paramount value of our heart and its effects on our bodies. My painting represents the concept that we control the health of our bodies and our heart. The choices we make determine whether our heart will stay healthy or stop beating.

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