Hathaway Brown School

Shaker Heights, OH


Debra Gressel

Science Intern

Diamond Haynes

Research Project

Decreasing Stress and Anxiety for School-aged Children Undergoing MRI Using Photo-Diary Preliminary Report on Parent Satisfaction

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Calm and Anxious

Kelly Piaser

eXpressions™ Award: White Ribbon

This piece is an oil pastel drawing depicting two children’s reactions as they enter an MRI scanner. The first child belongs to the project’s Intervention Group, and has been taught about the MRI scan. This child is portrayed with calm, peaceful colors and is supported by the doctor, who is represented by the lab coat. The second child, part of the Control Group, is shown with a combination of fiery and dark colors, which indicate a sense of anxiety and panic. On the MRI scanner, the bold black-and-white colors also reinforce the contrast between the two children.

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