Eastlake North
High School

Eastlake, OH


Kirsten Vaughan

Science Intern

Jessica Sheplavy

Research Project

The Use of RNA Interference (RNAi) in the Study of the Human NOTCH3 Gene

Click on the research project title above to learn about the science that inspired the artwork to the right.

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Separating the Rummage

Ashley Haines

eXpressions™ Award: Blue Ribbon

Separating the Rummage can be interpreted in two ways: the biological level and a personal level.

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The Entrance

Billy Paolucci

eXpressions™ Award: Red Ribbon

I'm representing the concept of mutation. The research experiment was trying to identify how the mutation affects the cell development. My piece shows how the amino acids are being infiltrated by a mutation. The mutation in the cell development is what leads to the disease's development.

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Music from Within

Kat Kirk

eXpressions™ Award: White Ribbon

My piece is based on the mutation that occurs with the proteins, the music notes and staff representing the change of shape and function after the mutation. The staff is supposed to look as if it is being blown away and ripped from the page, similar to how the person may feel while experiencing the disease.

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