Jay McGrath
Blue Ribbon Award

“Let's Think”
Jahmal Brown
Red Ribbon Award

Artist Statement:
I used a collage resist technique for my artwork. I wanted to show more than just the negative side of things. I wanted to show that just because a child may be infected with a disease doesn’t mean they become an outcast to the rest of society. I became aware of the fact that dogs are sometimes used for research, so I just felt I should put the dogs on my work to show that not only are some humans infected but also animals.

“Reaching for Help”
John Newman
White Ribbon Award

Artist Statement:
An infant is grabbing the finger of an adult’s hand to show the infant’s need for help and the adult’s strong, secure hand helping the infant.

“Fetus in Woman”
Andrew Scott
Honorable Mention Award

Artist Statement:
My art is a simple picture of a woman who’s pregnant. The picture shows the simple beauty of a fetus. I did the art to show how without the blood and inside stuff, a woman that’s pregnant is simply very beautiful. There are no deep defining features, just a woman and her fetus.

“Angelic Scan”
Anthony Bencivenni
Honorable Mention Award

Artist Statement:
CAT scan of brain and the brain is in the shape of an angel.

Benedictine High School
Cleveland, OH
Instructor: Barb Shannon
Science Intern: Nick Zingales
Science Intern Research Project:

Ischemic Effect of Hydrocephalus on Blood Vessel
Density in the Caudate Nucleus

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