The Power Washers™
Super Soap

Hobbies: Washing the car, taking bubble baths, anything that promotes good, clean fun
Favorite Movie/TV Show: Soap operas
Favorite Music: Classic rock
Favorite Food: Sopapillas
Role Model: Mr. Clean
Role on the Power Washers: Breaks down germs with his detergents
Personal Traits: Bubbly, meticulous, neat, helpful
Motto to Live By: Lather, rinse, repeat! Eveything comes out in the wash!
Origin: Aisle 11 at your local grocery store
Pet Peeve: New-fangled hand sanitizers

Water Woman

Hobbies: Skydiving, waterskiing, snowboarding
Favorite Movie/TV Show: Singin' in the Rain, Ocean's 11
Favorite Music: "Under the Sea"
Favorite Food: Anything boiled or steamed
Role Model: Aqua Man what's not to love?
Role on the Power Washers: Washes away germs
Personal Traits: Daring, free-spirited, friendly
Motto to Live By: If what you are doing isn't working for you, change your state
Origin: Ocean
Pet Peeve: Dripping faucets

Touchy Towel

Hobbies: Collecting stamps, reading, origami
Favorite Movie/TV Show: Paper Moon; The Notebook
Favorite Music: Blue grass
Favorite Food: Shredded wheat
Role Model: Sani-Towel, the father of all paper towels
Role on the Power Washers: Cleanup: dries hands and removes remaining germs with friction
Personal Traits: Self-absorbed, unappreciated, easily taken advantage of
Motto to Live By: Reduce, reuse, recycle
Origin: Trees or wood or recycled paper
Pet Peeve: Throwing him on the floor, not in the trash can

Hannah Hand Sanitizer

Hobbies: Shopping, jet-setting, traveling
Favorite Movie/TV Show: Clean House
Favorite Music: Pop
Favorite Food: Sushi
Role on the Power Washers Team: Breaks down germs with her chemicals
Personal Traits: Hip, handy, quick
Motto to Live By: Clean is cool!
Origin: Alcohol and water
Pet Peeve: Heat

The Germs
Evil E. Coli

Hobbies: Hanging out at petting zoos, farms, and kitchen counters
Favorite Movie/TV Show: Outbreak
Favorite Music: Reggae
Favorite Food: Bagged spinach, undercooked hamburger
Role Model: The Bubonic Plague
Role on the Germ Team: Causes infections
Personal Traits: Despicable, devious, dapper
Motto to Live By: Evil is as evil does
Origin: Bio-film
Pet Peeve: When people thoroughly wash and cook their food

Sally Salmonella

Hobbies: Cooking (especially raw meats and dairy), and playing with her pet reptiles
Favorite Movie/TV Show: "Dirty Jobs"
Favorite Music: Grunge
Favorite Food: Raw chicken!
Role Model: Her twin sister, because her humor is so infectious
Role on the Germ Team: Waiting to infect people who don't wash their hands
Personal Traits: Cute, but as evil as they come!
Motto to Live By: So many people, so little time
Origin: Animal waste
Pet Peeve: The Clean Water Act of 1972

Menacing Mycosis

Hobbies: Lurking, traveling, twirling his mustache
Favorite Movie/TV Show: Lord of the Ringworm
Favorite Music: Horror movie music
Favorite Food: Bleu cheese and bread
Role Model: Black mold spreading everywhere
Role on the Germ Team: Causes fungal infections
Personal Traits: Slimy, sneaky, and worldly
Motto to Live By: Beauty is only skin deep, but a nasty fungal infection can reach your stomach, lungs, or large intestine
Origin: Dark, damp locations (refrigerator, between toes, etc.)
Pet Peeve: Sunlight