What interns are doing

Rosalind Strickland, senior director of the Office of Civic Education Initiatives, had a unique vision in mind when she created the summer internship program. "My goal was to create a program that would go beyond the traditional shadowing and observation and provide students with real-world, hands-on learning opportunities," she says. Interns are taking advantage of this vision and obtaining first-hand experiences through their internships. Even more impressive than the fact that as high school students, interns are able to move beyond observation at all is the sheer variety of the activities they are permitted to do. From taking vital signs to analyzing samples, interns are being given the opportunity to discover first-hand if their chosen careers fit.

Making Rat Anesthetics

NaTasha Clark

Science Intern

Pain Management & Neuroscience

I was able to administer anesthetics to the rats in our lab before they underwent a procedure. It was a very exciting experience for me, because I want to become an anesthesiologist, and this allowed me to make anesthetics for someone. This event really affected me because it felt like I was being an anesthesiologist for a day, and that was one of the greatest feelings I've had yet. I'm definitely looking forward to doing it again.