Success Stories

The goal of the expanding high school internship program is to educate students from around the Cleveland area about the various opportunities offered to them through healthcare in the hopes that they will find their niche and eventually enter the field, possibly back at Cleveland Clinic. Several interns have already answered this call and are in the process of completing their education to become healthcare professionals. Others who are part of the 2009 program have determined through their experiences during the summer that they want to go into healthcare and return to Cleveland Clinic. In doing so, these current interns are helping the Office of Civic Education Initiatives to reach its goal - they are leaving the internship with a plan for the future.

"As interns, we are not only experiencing new, unforgettable things. Instead we have a special knowledge acquired from experience, a knowledge that tells us the world needs us now more than ever. We can spend the summer here and learn as much as possible about ourselves and our interests, so that when the careers of doctors and nurses are completed and left behind, we will be readily prepared to pick those jobs up, right where they left off."

-Patricia Zoldak, 2009 Nursing Intern

Saving Lives in the Lab

"As a pathologist, I will be doing things to possibly help solve a case and save someone's life."

Science Intern Michael Lukco worked in the Anticoagulation Clinic at Marymount Hospital with Judy Gibbons. He had the opportunity to observe in a blood lab and watched a pathologist open a uterus to remove a tumor. "I watched as she cut out a sample of the mass, mounted it on a slide, and determined what type of mass it was. This was truly an experience I could not get from a textbook," he says. "As a pathologist, not only will I be able to do cool things every day, but I will be doing them to possibly help solve a case and save someone's life."