What interns are observing

As the internship program has progressed, interns have received greater opportunities to observe what goes on throughout the hospital, and greater variety in what they are permitted to see. As high-schoolers, they are able to view the same procedures that med students are seeing for the first time during their residencies. Here, interns discuss specific procedures they had the opportunity to observe during the summer of 2009, and the effects they had.


Ashley Hart

Nursing Intern

Cardiovascular Testing

I saw two births in one day! First I watched a C-section. This delivery was very unique in itself due to the family's cultural beliefs. There was only one other male in the delivery room – the doctor who administered the epidural – and he was only there for a short time in respect to the husband's wishes. I found this to be an interesting testament to Cleveland Clinic's ability to accommodate patients of all types. Later that day, I was able to witness a natural birth as well. Being in the room as those women delivered was an amazing experience.