What interns are observing

As the internship program has progressed, interns have received greater opportunities to observe what goes on throughout the hospital, and greater variety in what they are permitted to see. As high-schoolers, they are able to view the same procedures that med students are seeing for the first time during their residencies. Here, interns discuss specific procedures they had the opportunity to observe during the summer of 2009, and the effects they had.


Tovly Aronov

Nursing Intern

Family Maternity Center

I saw the birth of a baby, which was absolutely phenomenal. As I stood there observing, I kept thinking to myself about how amazing it was that such a tiny human being could live in a uterus for nine months. When the head finally came out, I couldn't help but shed tears of joy. After the baby was fully delivered, the nurses cleaned him up and handed him to his mom for warmth and comfort. I also got to see the placenta with the umbilical cord, which was interesting as well. This was by far the best thing I have ever seen.