Student Quotes

“CCLCM has everything I wanted in a medical school: small class size, individualized mentoring, and a problem-based learning curriculum… complemented by a committed first rate faculty and the opportunity to be trained as a physician and an investigator... Who could pass that up?”

Lauren Moore Class of 2010

“With only 32 medical students per class at CCLCM, a strong sense of community and collegiality exists... The program structure provides me motivation to learn not only from a personal development standpoint, but also from the desire to facilitate the learning of my classmates.”

Christine Baran Class of 2009

“Staying true to the innovative atmosphere that has made the Cleveland Clinic so successful, this program fosters original thinking by challenging students in a problem-based learning curriculum that is supported by an amazingly dedicated faculty…”

ALan Siu Class of 2009

"The faculty at CCLCM includes some of the most renowned doctors and researchers in the world. Their dedication and excitement for this medical school is apparent through their heavy involvement in all aspects of our curriculum ... The opportunities to pursue self directed learning and research at CCLCM are among the most unique and exciting characteristics of the program.”

Benjiman Larson Class of 2009

“The student assessment really aims at the development of a student… [and] encourages non-competition and nurtures collaboration and team-work… Assessment, like the other components of the program, is dynamic and evolving, just as a person develops and matures over the years.”

Kevin Tan Class of 2009

“I think the clinical curriculum is one of the best aspects of the College Program. The immediate exposure to patients and the mentorship of the longitudinal preceptors gives you a great introduction to real patient care.”

Michael Khair Class of 2009

“By integrating research with basic science and clinical skills, I can begin to form the skills I will need as a physician investigator.  By providing a self-directed learning experience, I am able to explore the topics in medicine that interest me the most.”

Shoshana Weiner Class of 2010

“The breadth of academic research at the Cleveland Clinic gives us the opportunity for unique and personal mentorship.”

Aaron Viny Class of 2009

“The faculty here show a genuine interest in our progress… it’s amazing how quickly they’ll respond to an e-mail and how willing they are to meet.”

Mati Hlatshwayo Class of 2010

“I don’t really feel like a “student,” but rather part of a professional team… we care directly for patients and in our research blocks we create tangible results. Rather than sitting passively in lectures, we’re constantly interacting and sharing ideas with faculty teaching us.”

Mark Tenforde Class of 2010

“I chose to attend CCLCM because of the smaller class size and high faculty to student ratio. The classes are personal and allow for in-depth discussion of the topics ”

Sharmila Basu Class of 2010

“CCLCM is the perfect medical school for me.  No other program seamlessly incorporates research opportunities into the medical school curriculum.”

Lyndsey Benson Class of 2010

“At least once a day I’ll stop to talk with a doctor in the hallway who knows me by first name and this is only a month into school.”

Jared Wachterman Class of 2010

“The entire school is centered around students becoming physician investigators; everything from financial aid to the small class sizes to the curriculum geared towards producing physicians with the utmost clinical and research abilities.”

David Ly Class of 2010