Student Life

Student Organizations and Activities
  • APAMSA (Asian Pacific American Medical Students Association) Group
  • American Association of Neurology
  • American College of Physicians
  • American College of Surgeons
  • American Medical Association (AMA)
  • American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
  • Arts and Medicine Group
  • The Arts of Health Committee
  • Basic Science Committee
  • Blast (teaching inner city elementary students about mental health)
  • Cardiology Interest Group
  • Case Medical Students for Choice Executive Board
  • CCF Leadership Development for Women In Health Care Conference Committee
  • CCLCM Admissions Committee
  • CCLCM College Board of Student Representatives
  • Christian Medical Dental Association
  • Cleveland Clinic Concert Band
  • Clinical Education Committee (CEC)
  • Community Health Initiative (CHI)
  • College Board Student Representatives (CBSR)
  • Doc Opera
  • Ethics in Medicine
  • Foundations of Clinical Medicine (FCM)
  • Free Clinic
  • Health Policy Interest Group
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  • HIV/AIDS Action Group
  • Internal Medicine Interest Group
  • Joint Clinical Oversight Group (JCOG)
  • Medical Book Club
  • Ob/Gyn Interest Group
  • Student National Medical Association (SNMA)
  • Students Interested in Neurological, Neurosurgical and Psychiatric Sciences (SINNAPS)
  • Surgery Interest Group
  • Women in Medicine
  • Women In Need (WIN) Clinic





Student-faculty football
There are also many student organizations at Case that welcome students from the College Program.


Multicultural Affairs

Kendalle Cobb, MD is responsible for the recruitment, development, and support of multicultural medical and premedical students.  We provide a range of support, and all students are welcome.  Dr. Cobb serves as the Director of Multicultural Recruitment and Development of CCLCM, and Karen Wright is the Recruitment and Multicultural Affairs Coordinator.  Ms. Wright assists Dr. Cobb with the planning of all activities and programs and can be reached at (216) 445-7170.


Student Advising

Our faculty identified close mentoring and advising relationships as critical in their own career development and designed the advising system to help ensure that students have multiple opportunities to develop such relationships. Each student is assigned a physician advisor at the beginning of medical school who serves as the student’s partner in navigating and mastering the curriculum throughout all five years.  Four students are assigned to each advisor in Year 1, providing ample time for the advisors to meet with students in groups or individually on an informal basis and to fulfill their formal role in the assessment process. Students select an advisor for the master’s level research project on which they will spend 12 to 15 months during the last three years of medical school.  Students who are experiencing difficulty, whether personal or academic, may self-refer or be referred by their Physician Advisor to the Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs for help in identifying resources for academic tutoring, personal counseling, or other assistance.


With only 32 medical students per class at CCLCM, a strong sense of community and collegiality exists... The program structure provides me motivation to learn not only from a personal development standpoint, but also from the desire to facilitate the learning of my classmates.
Christine Baran Class of 2009
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