International Students

Students enrolled in the College track receive a full scholarship covering tuition and fees.  In the 5th year of study or the year in which students do research, there will be a continuation fee equal to 5% of tuition; this is covered by the full tuition scholarship. Our goal is to assure that financial constraints do not preclude appropriate candidates from following their dream of becoming physician investigators.

Financial aid resources to cover living expenses for international students in the College track are very limited.  Most outside grants, scholarships, and loans from public and private sources are restricted to U. S. citizens.

International students are NOT eligible for Federal student loans.  There are several private lenders who have loan programs for international students.  When comparing loans, it is important to look at the loan terms (such as interest rate, capitalization, and deferment options).  Some lenders are also now offering repayment benefits (such as an interest rate reduction for payments automatically taken out of a checking or savings account).  Weigh all the benefits and then choose the lender that is right for you.

There are several lenders available. All lenders will require a co-signer who is an U.S. citizen with good credit.  We suggest the following lenders:

Chase (800) 487-4404
Citibank (800) 788-9968
Discover (877) 728-3030
PNC Bank (800) 421-4817

Not all scholarships require students to be a U. S. citizen.  You should conduct a scholarship search online at general sites such as and

The following web page offers really good advice for international students