Determining the Need

Financial need is the difference between the cost of attendance at Case School of Medicine for one year (tuition and cost of living) and the resources that are available from you and your family to apply toward that cost.  The Director of Financial Aid makes awards that equal this determined need. When this award is added to the resources expected from you, your family, and other outside sources, this would enable you to meet the basic cost of attendance.


In the early part of the coming year, a budget guideline is determined for all incoming and presently registered students.  These budgets should be ample to cover the student’s needs. In establishing student budgets, the school includes costs based on full-time enrollment for the academic year for tuition, required fees and insurance, lodging, food, and modest personal expenses.

All students registered in the School of Medicine are required to be covered by an adequate hospitalization plan. Each student is responsible for evaluating the student health plan to be sure it meets his/her individual needs. If it does not meet those needs, the student must be enrolled in a health care plan providing adequate hospitalization coverage. Health insurance rates for the current year are sent to you from the Office of Admissions. All questions should be directed to the University Health Service at (216) 368-2450.


The calculation of your resources is estimated with the principles recommended by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA); these principles in turn are in accordance with Federal Government guidelines. Students can borrow their expected contribution.

Student’s Contribution

This is based on savings and earnings shown as resources on the application for aid.  If a student has substantial savings accumulated for medical school, he or she should divide this by five years so it will be a resource for each year.  This should be noted on the application as the Financial Aid Officer should be aware of this.  A student’s earnings as a resource should be a reasonable estimate of what was earned.  Please do not overestimate your earnings.  Always use the net figure after taxes.  Incoming medical students will be expected to contribute at least $1,500 as their contribution for first year.