Admissions Process

CCLCM is the perfect medical school for me.  No other program seamlessly incorporates research opportunities into the medical school curriculum.

Lyndsey Benson
Class of 2010

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Step 1: Apply using the American Medical Colleges Application Service (AMCAS). Select "Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine," and the “regular M.D. program.” This includes application to CCLCM.

Because we admit a small number and can invite a limited number of students for an interview, we highly recommend you apply in June or July.
Step 2: We receive and process the AMCAS application and email applicants.
Step 3: Complete our electronic secondary application (you will receive instructions by email)
- Choose whether you are applying to the 5-year (CCLCM) (Cleveland Clinic), the 4-year University Track, both MD tracks, and/or the MSTP Program. (It is possible for an applicant to be interviewed by and receive an admission offer from both the University Track and the CCLCM.)
Step 4: The admissions committee reviews applicants with complete application materials and selects applicants to interview.
Step 5:

Following the interview, the committee meets and evaluate all applicants.

Applicants accepted by the CCLCM Admissions Committee will also be reviewed by the CWRU Admissions Committee before any offers for admission are made.

Admissions Timeline

Note the timeline below. Adherence to this timeline may impact your application. Our rolling admissions process means slots in the program often fill with earlier applicants.

Preliminary Application
June 1: Earliest AMCAS filing date
November 1: Latest AMCAS filing date
July 1 - November 1: Admissions receives application and emails applicants an invitation to complete Case’s Secondary Application

*The AMCAS verification processing can take up to 4-6 weeks from the time that your application and all required official transcripts are received at AMCAS, and can take significantly longer during peak processing times. Medical Schools do not receive your application until it is verified by AMCAS.

* Letters of Recommendation - It is acceptable to have your letters sent to AMCAS before your Secondary Application is received by our office. However, your application will not be reviewed until you have submitted a completed secondary application and all Letters of Recommendation have been received by AMCAS.

Secondary Application
July 1: Earliest filing date
December 15: Latest filing date
July – December 15: Admissions reviews applications. Applicants selected to schedule an interview.
September – February: Interviews are scheduled (see below)
Accepted Applicants
April: Second Look Weekend (see below)
April: We begin mailing decisions to applicants on hold.
April 15: Notify admissions of your final decision to attend and release acceptance to other schools.
April – July: Admissions may accept students on the alternate list
July: Classes begin

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are critical in the decision-making process. We require students to submit 3-5 letters of recommendation.

One from a research advisor

One letter from a research advisor
Two more science faculty
(may add 2-3 others)
A premedical committee evaluation

Request letters from individuals who know you well and can judge your performance objectively (no family members or friends of family). Confidential letters are preferred, and a specific statement that a student is in good standing is highly preferred.

It is acceptable to send your letters before your AMCAS application is received, but please make sure your recommenders include both your full name and AAMC ID number in each letter as this will significantly expedite attaching letters to your application. Another way to accelerate this is to use an electronic transmitting service like VirtualEvals or Interfolio. Check with your advisor or career center to see if either of these services is available to you.

There is no deadline for letters of recommendation, but your application will not be considered complete until ALL letters have been received, which could delay the review of your application.

The Interview Process

Personal Interview

A personal interview and a visit to the school are essential components of our candidate selection. Applicants will be considered for an interview once their file is complete. Unfortunately our interview schedule cannot accommodate all outstanding candidates, and the granting of interviews remains at the discretion of the Admissions Committee. A rolling admissions process is used with applicants sent acceptance letters in December, January or February. Again, having all portions of the application and recommendation letters in during the summer enhances the possibility that an interview will be offered.

Interview Day

The interview day begins at 7:45 a.m. and ends around 4:30 p.m.  The day starts with an orientation to the curriculum and facilities, and tours of research laboratories and Cleveland Clinic’s hospital and outpatient facilities.  Applicants have lunch with medical students and will interview with a medical student for a half hour.  After lunch, each applicant has two one-hour interviews with Admissions Committee members followed by a financial aid discussion and a “wrap-up” session to ask final questions of medical students.

Second Look Weekend

All accepted applicants are invited to return to CCLCM for a second look weekend. Current medical students, faculty, and administrators plan multiple events including panel discussions with students and faculty, a reception, and a tour of Cleveland.  This visit is a way to enjoy meeting potential classmates and faculty, and to explore what Cleveland offers.